7 Excellent Reasons to Learn to Drive

If you’re thinking about learning to drive, here’s all the justification and encouragement you need from the team at Steering Clear Driving School.

Learning to drive is a commitment

Not only from a financial point of view, of course, but you also need to think about the time and essential effort to put into it – this is often a surprise to young, would-be drivers. You don’t just turn up and drive a car, after all. The driving test in the UK is harder than it used to be. And, there’s a theory test, too. In other words, there’s quite a lot to learn before you can feel fully in control behind the wheel.

But, like all good things in life, promising to do something worthwhile and sticking with it comes with rewards. Mastering driving is a great achievement and, if you plan to drive on a regular basis, is a skill that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

And there’s more…

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1. Freedom

The obvious one, and in our opinion, the main reason that people are after that all-important driving licence. The sheer idea of jumping in your car and driving well, anywhere, is pretty exciting. No need to check train or bus times, rely on other people, or even decide not to travel because getting there and back is such a hassle.

You are in your car. You are legally able and permitted to drive it. You are independent and you can go (almost) anywhere. A very Good Thing.

2. More Opportunities

An extension of the first point, really. Having a car enables you to do more things, visit more places and make more connections with more people. You can now head off for weekends, days out, catch up with your friends, or even (if you’re brave and forearmed) drive abroad.

The choice of where you go, and when you set out are now up to you.

3. Responsibility

Aha. You’re now officially “grown up”. Many people find that learning to drive makes them more responsible as adults. Why? Because being in charge of a car means you impact not only your life, but also the passengers in your vehicle and other road users, including pedestrians. In other words, you’re obliged to show respect and consideration.

Don’t forget that running your own vehicle is an investment. You’ll have to look after it and pay for its running and maintenance. This in itself marks a rite of passage into being a total “grown up”, wouldn’t you say?

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4. It’s a New Skill

Learning and mastering a new skill is fun and can be very gratifying. It adds another string to your bow, and we think it makes you feel good. What’s more, it’s an important life skill, like riding a bike, touch typing, cooking and managing your finances. Knowing these things and how to do them is what makes us capable, contemporary members of society.

Learning how to drive well is satisfying, actually. A sort of “I did that” moment that will hopefully last for years.

5. It’s Good for your Job

If you don’t drive, it could harm your job prospects. We’re not saying it will, of course, but your dream career may involve moving around, not only between offices but also to attend events, conferences and meetings.

It almost goes without saying that any role involving business development will require client visits. Without your driving licence, that perfect job could be out of reach. If you can drive, you’re likely to be judged as more mature, flexible and ultimately, more employable.

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6. It’s Safer

Which would you prefer? To drive home late at night quickly and easily, or wait for a train on a dark platform? Having your own car is of course no absolute guarantee of security, but you’re more likely to feel protected in the safety of your own car. And, get home quicker.

7. Various Fun and Convenient Reasons

  • Putting your groceries in the boot of the car and driving home! No need to lug everything  back on the bus.
  • Jumping in your car after a workout at the gym. Home soon and straight into a hot shower.
  • Taking someone you care about to a hospital appointment. Transport is one less thing to worry about.
  • You’re off to a business meeting. Reading through your notes in the quiet privacy of your car before you go in is a great way to prepare for success.


  • Need ID? No worries, just show your driving licence.


  • Helping your friend move to a new house. Do them a big favour, and there’s (probably) a take-away as a thank you.

So, there you go. Of course, we’re all thinking green these days but there are still lots of reasons to learn to drive. Your freedom and independence await you so give us a call to find out more.