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How to Kit Out Your Very First Car

How to Kit Out Your Very First Car Things that could make all the difference after you’ve passed your driving test and got behind the wheel. Here at Steering Clear, we nearly always say this, but learning to drive and passing your driving test really is genuinely... read more

Advice for Young Drivers

Advice for Young Drivers The team of driving instructors here at Steering Clear have vivid memories of passing their driving tests, and what it was like to be a novice driver. There were mixed feelings common to all of us. Nervous. Excited. Terrified, said one person!... read more

What is Pass Plus?

What is Pass Plus? Find out everything you need to know about Pass Plus. Are you ready to take your driving skills to the next level? Fantastic. Many congratulations. You’ve passed your driving test. This is no mean feat; you’ve worked hard, and you’ve demonstrated... read more

7 Common Myths about Learning to Drive

7 Common Myths about Learning to Drive When you’re at the start of your driving career, everyone wants to give you advice. Your first lesson has not even happened yet, but there they are, your Mum, Dad, next-door neighbour and the bloke down the pub, who’ve all been... read more

What is Defensive Driving?

What is Defensive Driving? Watching out for “the other guy”. 7 extremely actionable tips from the driving instructor team at Steering Clear You may have heard about “defensive driving”. Indeed, it’s highly likely that your driving instructor is teaching you to drive... read more

How to Pass your Practical Driving Test

How to Pass your Practical Driving Test Lots of excellent actionable tips to help you get you through a nervous time You’ve booked your driving test and quite frankly, you’re terrified. Don’t worry, it’s normal to feel like that. Passing your driving test is like... read more