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What is Defensive Driving?

What is Defensive Driving? Watching out for “the other guy”. 7 extremely actionable tips from the driving instructor team at Steering Clear You may have heard about “defensive driving”. Indeed, it’s highly likely that your driving instructor is teaching you to drive... read more

How to Pass your Practical Driving Test

How to Pass your Practical Driving Test Lots of excellent actionable tips to help you get you through a nervous time You’ve booked your driving test and quite frankly, you’re terrified. Don’t worry, it’s normal to feel like that. Passing your driving test is like... read more

7 Valuable Tips For Choosing A Driving Instructor

7 valuable tips for choosing a driving instructor Congratulations. You’ve decided to learn to drive. Like cooking, driving a car is one of life’s key skills. You’re about to have a whole new world of freedom open up to you. No more lugging your groceries back on the... read more