Covid 19 – Steering Clear Driving School safety guidance and regulations for customers and instructors.

The following guidance and regulations are based on data and information issued by the Driving Vehicles Standards Association to keep to an absolute minimum the risk to pupils and driving instructors of infection from COVID 19.

It is absolutely vital that both pupils and instructors adhere to the guidance laid down by the DVSA and Steering Clear Driving School. Pupils will only be able to learn with Steering Clear Driving School by observing the guidance. Pupils will have to confirm that they have read our guidance and confirm by email their acceptance.

It is now recognised that COVID 19 is a very infectious virus and to counter the risk of illness the following steps and procedures will now form part of the learning experience with Steering Clear Driving School:

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1. The Steering Clear instructor will contact the pupil shortly before the lesson by text message. The pupil should then confirm that he or she and their household have not displayed any of the following COVID 19 symptoms in the past 14 days:

a. A high temperature above 37.7 degrees centigrade.
b. An unexplained loss or change to their sense of smell or taste.
c. A new persistent dry cough.

Equally the instructor will inform the pupil if there are any changes to the instructor’s health that could endanger the pupil. If either instructor or pupil display any COVID 19 symptoms then the lesson will not go ahead.

2. Before leaving home and starting their lessons, pupils must wash their hands thoroughly with hot soapy water for at least 20 seconds.

3. Pupils must bring to the lesson their own face masks.

4. On meeting the instructor, pupils will be temperature checked by the instructor before getting into the driving school car. The instructor will use a non-contact forehead thermometer for this purpose. If a pupil’s temperature exceeds 37.7 degrees centigrade then the lesson will be cancelled.

5. Before entering the vehicle the pupil will be asked to hand sanitise and don their face mask and gloves. The sanitiser and gloves will be provided by the instructor free of charge. The pupil will remove the gloves and deposit them into a bag provided by the instructor at the end of the lesson.

6. During the lesson the pupil must avoid touching their face and look ahead as far as possible.

7. Driving issues which require some discussion between pupil and instructor should only take place once the vehicle is safely parked and both instructor and pupil are outside the vehicle standing two metres apart.

8. Driver and passenger car windows should be kept open as far as possible weather permitting to ensure good ventilation.

9. If the pupil has to sneeze or cough during the lesson then this should be done into a tissue or into the arm of the pupil.

10. Pupils should avoid bringing in any objects or possessions into the car that could potentially be a carrier for COVID 19. Mobile phones should be switched off and kept in the clothing of the pupil.

11. Lesson payment should as far as possible be via online banking direct into the instructor’s account. If pupils bring cash then this should be the precise amount. Instructors will not provide change. Any cash will be stored separately in a bag by the instructor.

12. Between each lesson the instructor will thoroughly sanitize the vehicle. All contact points in the car including hand brake, steering wheel, gear stick, door handles and switches/buttons will be cleaned with anti bac spray and cleaning wipes. The wipes after use will be sealed in a dedicated bag.

13. There are no complete guarantees that all of these measures will ensure that neither pupil or instructor will not contract COVID 19. They will however greatly reduce any chance of infection.

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Consequently unless either pupil or instructor are shown to be negligent before and during driving lessons then both parties accept full responsibility for any loss, cost or expense they might incur should they contract COVID 19 or pass it on as a result of taking driving lessons. Both parties also agree not to take any legal action against the other to recover any such loss, cost or expense.