Advanced Driving Course Uckfield

Our advanced Driving Lessons are based on the Pass Plus modular course devised by the DVSA. Our Uckfield based driving instructors have all been approved by the DVSA to deliver the Pass Plus course.

The training is suitable for newly qualified drivers and its purpose is to give them the confidence and skills to deal with driving situations which will be unfamiliar to them.

Students will be taught techniques which also include optimum road position and the ability to deal safely with unpredictable roads and other road users. These techniques are taught in various environments and situations such as:

  • City driving
  • Country road driving
  • Motorways and dual carriageways
  • Adverse weather driving
  • Night driving

One popular module we provide is motorway driving. Newly qualified drivers rarely have experience of the challenges that driving on a motorway presents. Learning how to maintain a safe distance from other motorists, predicting the driving behaviour of fellow motorists and knowing how to safely overtake are just some of the skills that are taught during this two-hour lesson.

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New drivers who have spent most of their driving time in built up suburban areas will often lack the necessary skills required to negotiate narrow, winding country lanes with poor road visibility around Uckfield . Dealing with blind bends, being aware of, and mastering typical country hazards such as slow moving farm vehicles, livestock including horses and horse riders are some of the issues that are dealt with in this training module.


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Sharp scanning and quick responses

City driving on busy streets requires not only good scanning technique but sharp responses to deal with fast developing and unexpected hazards. The ability to quickly read road signs and markings are also skills that our instructors teach in this module.

Night driving and driving in adverse weather conditions further require students to deal with changes in visibility and unpredictable road surfaces. We also teach students about the disorientation of driving at night, how it can be made worse by blinding oncoming headlights, and the impact of driving from darkness into brightly lit streets. We also cover the difficulty of seeing pedestrians and poorly lit cyclists alongside many other challenges that our students face.

If students wish to take the Pass Plus accreditation from the DVSA, the course covering all 6 modules takes a minimum of 6 hours. The total cost is  £160, however students are also able to choose from individual modules if they so wish, for example motorway driving, at a cost of  £28 per hour.

Students who have received a Pass Plus certificate should check to see if they qualify for discounted premium payments from their insurance company.

Experienced Instructors

With over 15 years experience, our instructors achieve the highest test pass rates.

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Approved and licensed

Our instructors are all approved by the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency.

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