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Steering Clear offers exceptional tuition for those learning to be taxi drivers in Uckfield. Our lessons concentrate on the requirements of the DVSA’s standard driving assessment, including:

  • Manoeuvre to turn your vehicle to face the opposite direction
  • 10 minutes of independent driving without being given directions by the examiner
  • Stops at the roadside as if a passenger is getting in or out
  • Questions such as “What do you do if a passenger leaves property in your vehicle?”
  • Questions from the Highway Code as well as identifying road signs and road markings

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You may also be asked to perform an emergency stop. You’ll pass the assessment if you make fewer than ten faults, however you will  fail if you make a serious or dangerous fault. At the beginning of the test, you will have to read another car’s number plate from a distance of:

  • 20 metres for a new-style number plate
  • 20.5 metres for an old-style number plate

`The new-style number plates start with two letters followed by two numerals, e.g. AB51 ABC. You must wear spectacles or contact lenses for the whole duration of the test if you need them to read the number plate.

You cannot take the driving part of the assessment if you fail the eyesight test. You can still do the wheelchair section if you’re taking the enhanced assessment.

If you are improving your driving skills to be licenced to convey disabled passengers at our Uckfield branch, you must carry out an enhanced assessment. This assessment includes a specific wheelchair exercise. If you have already qualified but want to add the wheelchair element to your licence, you may carry out an upgrade assessment.

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What do you need to have with you to complete the Brighton Steering Clear enhanced driver and taxi driver training and test?

If you are going to carry out the wheelchair test then you need to provide the wheelchair accessible vehicle yourself because Steering Clear are not able to supply this type of vehicle in Uckfield. The wheelchair element consists of

  • Safely loading and unloading the wheelchair into the vehicle
  • Using the wheelchair’s brakes to both secure and release it
  • Fastening the safety belts or harnesses effectively
  • Safely securing any wheel belts or clamps fitted to anchor points in the vehicle

In order to take your test you must bring your driving licence and if you have an old- paper licence instead of the newer photo card, you must also bring your valid passport.

When you have passed your taxi assessment, you’ll receive:

  • Your pass certificate (form TPH10)
  • A copy of your assessment to keep
  • A debrief from the examiner

When you pass your wheelchair assessment, you’ll receive:

  • Your pass certificate (form WTA10)
  • A copy of your assessment for you to keep
  • A debriefing session from your examiner

Your local council will then tell you what to do when you’ve passed the assessment.

The price of our taxi driver tuition in Uckfield is  £27 per hour.

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